About BMS College of Commerce & Management

B.M.S. College of Commerce & Management (BMSCCM) is run under the aegis of BMS Educational Trust, Bengaluru. The college is affiliated to Bangalore Central University and offers under graduate courses in Commerce, Management and Computer Applications. BMSCCM is centrally located in the verdant green environs of V.V Puram, Bangalore. Spacious lecture halls, computer labs, auditorium, sports and recreation centre, administrative block, acoustically modelled seminar hall, library and information centre in the building exemplify an ideal atmosphere for an effective teaching process with student-centric approach. Highly qualified faculty provide a strong academic background to the students. The 4 Core Values (4 E’s) make the college different from other educational institutions in the country:


Board of Governors (BOG)Members

1 Sri Aviram Sharma

Trustee, BMS Educational Trust

2 Dr. B. S. Ragini Narayan

Donor Trustee, Member Secretary & Chairperson, BMSET

3 Dr. P.Dayananda Pai

Trustee, BMSET

4 Sri M. Madan Gopal, IAS(Retd.)

Trustee, BMSET

5 Sri. Murali Krishna

Director Admin, BMSET

6 Sri. B.S. Sanjeeva

Director Finance-2, BMSET

7 Dr. N. Nanda

Principal, BMS College for Women

8 Dr. Anil Rao Paila

Senior Dean, Welinkar Institute of Management Studies

9 Dr. Hari Krishna Maram

Vice Chancellor at Universal Digital University, Bangalore region.


10 Dr. Aravind H.T

Bangalore Central University Nominee

11 Prof. Pankaj Choudhary

Principal, BMS College of Commerce & Management

Member Secretary


To be an institution of excellence in commerce and management by providing high quality education to inspire and transform young lives in the global community.



  • To pioneer in education by contributing to human knowledge which enables the students to have a strong sense of responsibility towards the society and the community.
  • Empower and guide students with appropriate training and techniques to shape them for a competitive tomorrow.
  • Engage and invest in entrepreneurial activities towards flexibility and innovation.
  • Enhance learning opportunities and diversity for students, faculty and staff.

Core Values (4 E’s)

  • Education
  • Encouragement
  • Excellence
  • Empowerment


  1. Education:

Disseminating quality education to students helps in acquisition of skills, knowledge, values and beliefs which makes a student self-independent and helps in rational thinking. It equips an individual to be a good social being with ethical values which would help in making them to be adaptive to cross-cultural environment.

  1. Entrepreneurship:

The education which is meticulously imparted to the students through various subjects and discussions would bring out the change agent in the students which is very essential in today’s dynamic society, wherein, they would be accountable to what they do and be able to face challenges and be risk borne. They would be confident enough towards the social, economic factors of the society and thus bring in an impact to the community development on the whole.

  1. Excellence:

Striving for excellence is an integral pursuit of every faculty who would be involved in educating the students wherein they would not only help in making them successful in the subject but also equipping students to attain excellence in their future endeavours, as the College believes that excellence cannot be attained only through subject learning, it has to do with cognition and learning outcomes as well and it’s not a destination but a journey one undertakes.

  1. Empowerment:

The College and the faculty helps students to seek relevance and importance on learning tasks and methodologies by preparing every student for success by bridging the gap between high school and young adulthood and always make students to have ready access to information which would enhance the students ability by making them more empowered by accountability.